Вечер английской и ирландской кинокомедии в рамках Международного комедийного кинофестиваля "Гелос"


Внимание: Фильмы демонстрирутся на анлийском языке. 

Dr Shahid Kamal Matty Boy (UK) 13:57

A man with a suggestible mind marries a second wife mistakenly out of a desperate situation and now faces the consequences, taking him on a twisting and turning rollercoaster of a ride beyond anything he could have ever imagined.

Varvara Galanova Dead Dog in a Suitcase (UK) 7:33

A dark comedy short film that explores the telling and re-telling of urban legends.

Alexis Dubus The London Traffic Warden — A Poetic Nature Documentary (UK) 2:28

An up-close insight into this fascinating species.

Chris Evans Squashed (UK) 16:39

Pascal was a squash prodigy. He won it all and then lost his way. Can he win it all back, and maybe his wife too?

Madeleine Quarm Go for Alayna (UK) 15:07

When their feminist causes clash during a big-budget production, filmmaker Alayna and her lead actress must fight it out on set. 

Paul Longley, James Longley At Home with… Nick Mullins (UK) 7:56

The “At Home with…” team spends some time with football referee Nick Mullins, a man who has dreamt of being a referee since he was a child. We follow Nick as he copes with life in lockdown during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has kept him away from his beloved job. Nick opens up and gives us an insight into his life, his passions and his dreams for the future.

Christiaan Hendriksen What is Jazz? — Episode 1 (UK) 3:12

What is Jazz? is a comedy web series. The Jazz Man shares clips from his Online Course (MOOC), whilst struggling to get anyone to distribute it, and give it the audience it deserves. There are 15 episodes of the web series in total, lasting 2-4 minutes each. "We’re living through a learning drought and a Jazz famine. In Partnership with the world’s most presitigous music College, The Jazz Man presents his MOOC. Answering life’s most important question, What is Jazz?" — The Jazz Man The series was made during the COVID lockdown of 2020. Created with no budget, and a lot of green screen.

Chris Quick Autumn Never Dies (UK) 25:16

Danny is an ostrich living in Glasgow with his roommate, a monkey named Nelson. After a failed suicide attempt over the break up with his girlfriend, Danny seeks counselling to help him recover from his ordeal and get his life back on track. After meeting Lizzie during a pub quiz, friendship quickly turns into romance but when Danny’s former lover reaches out to him again, he finds his new relationship under threat. With his life at a crossroads, Danny reaches out to his psychiatrist for advice that would eventually help him decide whether to open past wounds or plan a new future with Lizzie.

Josh Farrell The Split (UK) 5:21

When Brett rejects Sophia’s attempt to break up with him the couple set out on a series of challenges to decide the fate of their relationship. From fruit fights in the living room to nerf gun roulette in the garden the couple battle it out to decide once and for all, should they be together?

Remy Archer Snake Oil (UK) 12:55

A wily street vendor flees London in search of the American dream promised by his late father, but he can’t find it anywhere. A whimsical no-dialogue adventure spanning 2 continents, greatly inspired by the films of Buster Keaton.

Caio Cortonesi The Master with Woody Jones (UK) 10:00

Widely considered one of the greatest living intellectuals, Prof. Dr. Woody Jones needs no introduction. The man behind heads of state, successful entrepreneurs and your racist uncle, his countless, passionate students are living testimony to his outstanding excellence, splendid magnificence and gorgeous locks. His highly in-demand lessons are finally available on the internet, and for a limited time you can discover the highest culture that captures minds, souls and wallets around the globe. But not the round globe. Because it’s not round. You know.

Tomas Manchester I’m Loving It (UK) 7:17

Brands are forever vying for your affection. But do they actually love you back? Hapless litter picker Ivan finds out the hard way when he falls head over heels for a jovial ketchup mascot..

Brian Durcan Be Positive (Ireland) 8:56

Be Positive is a romantic comedy about a sad and unlucky man called Ben. From the moment he wakes up in the morning, he is treated to a serious of misfortunate events. He feels that his day is unsalvageable, until by chance he gets a message to “Be Positive”. He decides to follow this mantra and he subsequently sees the girl of his dreams. He tries to pursue her, but each time on his approach, fate has a funny way of blocking him. The “Be Positive” message runs through his head and keeps him on track, until he finally realises through a funny turn of events, what his destiny really is.

Jack McHugh, Conor McNally Ruslan (Ireland) 5:48

Ruslan is a young boy in Soviet Russia who dreams of being a cowboy. Ruslan’s Western daydreams seem to attract heavy-handed disapproval wherever he goes, putting his resilience, his identity and his lasso skills to the test!

Adam William Cahill Follow the Dead (Ireland) 01:33:37

As viral videos seem to evidence the fall of Dublin at the hands of the undead, four Millennials in rural Ireland can’t discern fake news from real. Has a dependent lifestyle left them too naive to weather their fate?

Darragh Moran Bitch (Ireland) 13:00

Becky, an emerging internet personality, dreams of being famous. However, after a video of her seemingly causing the death of her best-friend goes viral, she is catapulted into the world of infamy, and becomes reviled the world over.




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