День канадской и английской кинокомедии

День канадской и английской кинокомедии в рамках Международного кинофестиваля комедийных фильмов "Гелос"


Внимание: Все фильмы демонстрирутся на анлийском языке без перевода!

Keith Stoute Living With the Dead (Canada) 14:41

Heartbroken after a breakup, Theo looks for a new place to live and settles into a downtrodden apartment which he shares with its current tenant – a zombie. Theo struggles to find motivation, while his living-dead roommate provides both solace and danger. Will he be eaten, or has he roomed with the ultimate drinking buddy? In this dark comedy, that which does not eat you makes you stronger!

Sean Nicholas Hoodie (Canada) 10:24

"A wife’s trash. A husband’s treasure." After an argument with his wife at the laundromat, a husband must choose whether or not to throw out his ratty but beloved hoodie. HOODIE is a short and sweet relationship comedy developed by Christopher Borecky, Eden Ocean, and Sean Nicholas in part with Sheridan College.

Gavin Michael Booth Rent do (Canada) 14:51

Rent Do follows Rich, Winnie and Pete, roommates and reluctant best friends. When each one is unceremoniously fired on the same day, they’re forced to start job hunting. But after Winnifred takes matters into her own hands, all three are forced into hiding. Paying rent becomes the least of their concerns.

Dylan Bulmer B.D.R.M (Canada) 8:11

A clumsy "Thief" gets stuck inside during a break-in when the couple comes home early, the role play stops when the he says the safe word. The break-in fantasy is over.

Max Laferriere Roadtrip! (Canada) 1:58

Friends can’t decide who has shotgun. They resolve the issue with their fists.

Anthony Naulleau / Julien Antonini The big debacle (Canada) 4:47

Gilles and Louf are two long time friends. They plan a bank robbery but they are really clumsy and not set up at all. At first they think it could be easier to take a shot in a small corner shop.

Laura Bergeron, Maxime Robin Best Before (Canada) 10:00

Fred is unable to finish is thesis on Nietszsche. Out of money, he gets a job as the night-shift janitor in a 24h grocery store. Full of strange costumers and even stranger staff, the grocery store eventually helps Fred find what his real place might actually be.

Yohann Thiou Seasonal Depression (Canada) 7:54

Elisa does not want to go out. Vincent does not hear it that way.

Uriel Virgo Velasquez Ronnie’s Quest: The Search for Victoria’s Treasure (Canada) 01:14:32

Everybody wants a piece of Ronnie, but why? From her ex-boyfriend, to gangsters, super villains, and her own friends, there’s one thing that’s true, Ronnie is trouble!

Hannah Bungard, Tony Hipwell, Miles Watts Zomblogalypse (UK) 01:38:00

Hannah, Miles and Tony have been blogging their way through the zombie apocalypse for almost a decade. In an effort to commemorate the survival milestone, they decide to make a film about their experiences. They quickly discover however, that making a film in the apocalypse is even more difficult than it already was.

Lenny Britton Free Lunch Express (USA) 01:22:00

The life and times of America’s favorite socialist, Bernie Sanders.

Ben Knibb Clean My House (Australia) 4:56

Third date. She’s coming over. Only one thing left to do — clean my house.

Adam William Cahill Follow the Dead (Ireland) 01:33:37

As viral videos seem to evidence the fall of Dublin at the hands of the undead, four Millennials in rural Ireland can’t discern fake news from real. Has a dependent lifestyle left them too naive to weather their fate?



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