Кинофестиваль Travel FilmFest 2022

VI международный кинофестиваль фильмов о путешествиях — TRAVEL FilmFest 2022. Фильмы о путешествиях со всего мира на английском языке (или с английскими субтитрами).

Кино 16+

October 21 From 05.00 till 15.00 GMT (UTC+0)

Bauddhayan Mukherji, Chandan Biswas Charaiveti India 01:11:56

Chandan Biswas, a resident of Barasat, West Bengal set off on his bicycle on an arduous journey of 153 days, traversing 6249 kms, crisscrossing 4 different countries to become the first man to complete the Trans-Himalayan expedition on a bicycle.

Ioannis Giannelis Colors of Milos Greece 5:00

The beautiful island of Milos in Greece, packed with unique, colorful beaches, is not as popular as other Greek islands. But it should.

Anton Khutter Baikal Russian Federation 21:00

Three-week expedition around Lake Baikal brought incredible impressions. Baikal amazed with the beauty and power of its expanses. The film says that we live and there is not even time to stop and enjoy the views that surround us.

Santiago Aguilera, Gabriel Monreal The Boy and The Mountain Chile 11:23
Hernán is a child who likes to daydreaming, but in his studies he is not doing well at all. His father constantly urges him to improve, advising him that he must reach very high to succeed in life. Hernán dispenses with his dream, gradually forgetting it to devote himself to his studies.

Devin Luther, Charlie Taylor Dear Mama United States 28:18

An international travel show based on a acquiring emotional street art from some of the most unknown locations on the planet.

Enrique Alexander GRACIA HERRERA Awakening France 3:00

Video poem telling of a young woman’s daydream, her spiritual and sensory journey through the unspoiled islands of the Azores.

Arvids Baranovs Landscapes of Change Latvia 4:29

The change of seasons is such a self-evident phenomenon that we take it for granted yet we struggle to catch it in the act. Look outside — the nature seems so static compared to the hectic lives we must live.

Anthony Joh Freedom and Exploration Canada 28:06

Since COVID is limiting international travel, I decided to buy a motorcycle and explore the open roads of my own country.

Paul Ingram The Range Of Light United States 01:19:00

The film explores the creation of high routes with the people who forge them, the addictive nature of long-distance hiking, and the threats that wild places face.

Maksym Kotskyi Odesska Ukraine 2:46

Travel Music Video

Tom Woodward 3 Years Working in the Australian Mines Fly Out of Bali New Zealand 18:00

Many New Zealanders have made their way to Australia chasing the mining boom. In the state of W.A Thousands of guys work Fly in Fly out jobs in outback mines. Due to the vast distances to the nearest cities, an entire industry has developed of FIFO workers who have relocated permanently the tropical paradise of Bali, and fly in out to the mines from there.

Vasco Almeida Iceland Winter Road Trip United Kingdom 4:32

We travelled the Icelandic winter ring road and got to see the most beautiful landscapes in this planet, including breath-taking glaciers, waterfalls and ice caves!

Marco Q Wu Time Will Tell Taiwan 4:00

A senior employee who helped to shut down the sugar factory, the local dancers who showcase their power and beauty and the energetic students, all wandered in the vast Pingtung County Park.

Bruno Calanca Nishino, Marco António Correa Calabria Time Switch Aveiro Portugal 5:45

The elder man is the opposite of the young apprentice, and he lives every minute of his life. In the time they spent together, the young tour guide learns a valuable lesson, which he will carry through life.

Mikael Kyster, Mia Kyster The Kyster Family in New Zealand Denmark 4:13

A family roller coaster ride through New Zealand!

Andrew Dubber Wetlands Portugal 14:46

A city under imminent threat of ocean rise due to climate change and undergoing the loss of cultural heritage and traditional industries.

Peter Furst, Garnet Mae Road to Revolution Australia 01:07:17

Two guerrilla filmmakers retrace Che Guevara’s Motorcycle Diaries journey across Latin America, discovering the people and places that turned a final-year medical student into the iconic revolutionary.

Steve Pollard SoCal Spirit United States 5:00

From Southern California’s deserts, to the mountains, to the sea.
Porter Erisman Seasons on the Kyoto Trail Japan 20:00

A stunning journey through the sacred mountains and temples surrounding Kyoto through the spiritual heart of Japan.

Meri Dishnica Soul of Tirana Albania 10:25

An exploratory spiritual labyrinth in the ways the city balances the old and the new, tradition and innovation, heritage and progress, psychological well-being, quality of life and development.

Carlos Haidamous Journey of a Wonder Lebanon 3:30

A combination of aerial shots contribute to redeeming people’s perceptions of Lebanon by showing the country’s most beautiful gems.

Franco Machado-Pesce Finding Stillness (Iceland) United States 6:07

When we booked a trip to Iceland, we knew we were going on an adventure… however, we didn’t know that we were going to come back with a grander understanding and connection to our planet.

Silke de Vos Tagbanua Germany 52:00

What happens when an already very unknown indigenous people is threatened with extinction and with them their traditions and culture? The future of the Tagbanua is uncertain. They can still make a living from their traditional fishing, agriculture and harvesting edible bird nests. But the question is; for how long?

Fulvio Terminelli Transhumarathon Italy 20:00

A documentary short film that tells a scouting journey by motorbike, through space and time. Transhumance was the complex of seasonal migrations of flocks and herds, from the summer pastures in the mountains to the winter pastures in the plains, while the tratturi, the sheep tracks, were the roads along which this took place.

Francesco Bocchieri Antica Trasversale Sicula — Il cammino della dea madre Italy 01:19:36

A journey through Sicily, following the path of the Ancient Sicilian Transversal, one of the oldest paths in Italy. From Mozia to Kamarina, 650 km of roads rediscovered by a group of enthusiasts inspired by the research of the archaeologist Biagio Pace, immersed in nature, landscape and history.


October 22 From 05.00 till 15.00 GMT (UTC+0)

Lucas Garceau Bedard Towards Nomadic Land Canada 36:00

Film takes us to Kyrgyzstan, to meet five young adults in their twenties who embark on a tumultuous adventure of backcountry skiing and local culture.

Patrick H. Kohl My Winterberg Germany 1:20

What does a good vacation mean? We look into this question and provide the answer right away: The world out there is hectic enough, so at least the well-deserved vacation should be easy — without having to travel far.

Ciaran O’Connell This Is China Ireland 26:20

A travel documentary taking you by train through China’s icy North to its picturesque rural South, exploring how the country is experiencing flux as the population rush towards the cities, we see the old traditions are still alive in this musical montage of a 5,000 year old culture.

Robert Dacesin Why Bosnia and Herzegovina can be number 1 travel destination in the world Bosnia and Herzegovina 12:48

When people think about the most visited and popular travel destinations in the world, they probably first think of Italy, France, Spain or USA right? But what if I told you that there is a small and almost unknown country in the center of Europe, called Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose beauties and potentials are almost the same, if not greater than that of the countries I mentioned now?

Whyi gun Kim aʟɪᴠᴇ? Korea, Republic of 16:03

There was a time when internet was flooded with videos of people twerking…The pinnacle of humanity…

Philip Lee Harvey Velaa Private Island,Maldives United Kingdom 2:04

Inspired by the owner’s story, I tried to visualise his vision of a perfect home.

Kathleen Renee Krenitsky According to Dogs United States 23:58

A look at the origination and meteoric rise of FolK-9, the unquestioned greatest canine accordion folk band of all time. Carefully researched, and filled with Easter eggs woven throughout, the ‘folk theme’ (folk music, folk legends, cultural folk references) are reinforced as world culture, and perennial wisdom are re-examined through the eyes of the canine.

Pavle Kaplanec Jordan Serbia 3:40

The film was filmed during a seven-day trip. The locations shown are Amman, Petra and the Wadi Rum desert.

Jakov Sedlar The Houses of Light Croatia 49:00

A story of all forty-eight Croatian lighthouses.

Anna Kameneva, Kristina Kretova Women and Roads. The Way to Yourself. Baikal Russian Federation 54:00

4 friends from St. Petersburg, each successful in their field, go on a road trip along the beautiful Baikal, the deepest lake in the world, in search of inspiration. Along the way, they talk to local women of various professions and religions, from a shaman to the Minister of Culture, asking important life questions and receiving sincere answers.

Mickey Smith, Allan Wilson Hunros Jorna United Kingdom 19:07

Across two decades a clan of curious misfits illuminated the frost bitten frontiers of North Atlantic salt. A pack of strays with a rare eye for heavy water, a halcyon era of exploration & camaraderie in the cold.

Rick Helin SS Malolo — The Millionaires Cruise of 1929 United States 56:48

Details of the first 90-day leisure cruise of the Pacific in 1929 from film, photos, and journals provided by the descendants of passengers who created them.

Goran Načinović, Sanel Isanović Authentic Istria — Good Mood / Good Food Croatia 2:40

The film takes the viewers on a journey across the central Istria region. Itstarts with two tourists waking up on a straw bad. The film then continues showing various beauty shots of central Istria: mountains bath in sun, fields with straw balls, the woods and others.

David Castillo López Lanzarote Makes You Fall In Love Spain 04:00

Lanzarote is well known as a touristic destination through its sunny beaches. we show this island as a source of timeless sensations. the viewer will see what many tourists don´t: a non-institutional point.

PIERRE-HENRY Salfati the Wandering Jew a Historic Tale France 52:00

A very old Jew passes through the heart of an anonymous European city. His wanderer’s appearance and the expression of vertiginous mystery on his face arouse contempt or fear. From the late Middle Ages to the early twentieth century, everyone knows this man, condemned by Jesus Christ to walk the roads until his return.In the background, another story emerges, that of the main attribute of the one who cannot settle anywhere: the history of the Jewish people.

Peter Prince BhutanThe Kind Kingdom Canada 55:00

Take flight with the heavenly bird of the Himalayas, the Black Necked Crane. Behold the heart and mind of the tiny Kingdom of Bhutan, a land the world has called, "The Last Shangri-La."

Journey to the cloud kingdom’s 17th century fortress monasteries (Dzongs), and discover its artistry, dance, music, unmatched natural beauty and ancient spiritual beliefs.

Ricard Carbonell I Saurí Postcards Spain 18:00

Poscards of La acrópolis de Atenas, Lyon, Milán, Kassel, Copenhague, Sofía, La Habana, Riga.

Vicente Fernández Huayhuash " Chronicle Of An Adventure" Chile 19:00

In July 2019, a group of 9 people traveled from Santiago de Chile to the Peruvian Andes for a 14-day trek in which they traveled more than 200 kilometers, being surprised by the experience and impressive natural environment, treasuring a unique adventure.





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