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Wei-Jie Su Taiwanese Food 0:40

All you need to know about Taiwanese food.


Shane White Over Fire: The Evolution of Barbecue United States 19:17

Barbecue is an idea that predates civilization to a time when our Neanderthal ancestors were eating the charred remains of animals pulled from the ashes of a forest fire. Over millions of years humans have figured out how to master that art of cooking over fire. From the romans, to the Mongols, From Africans to Native Americans this technique has evolved time after time to what Americans now call BBQ.


Luis Tovar Bartender’s Choice United States 2:29

An amateur drinker wants to impress a date with his drink order — Trust the bartender!


Spyros Badios, Spyros Paipetis Corfu, The Island of Pancakes Greece 54:00

Pancakes are a round viand that is prepared with a basic mixture mostly of flour and water while archeological data shows that it might be the most ancient and widespread type of food with its structure and shape to vary from place to place.


Oscar Li Oh Crap…United States 3:07

Sh*t gets real.


Giacomo Arrigoni Spicy Calabria Italy 57:00

A poetic travel in Calabria region, discovering the secrets of spicy food and the spicy way of living of Southern Italy.


Mike McKay In It Together Canada 10:49

Amid the Covid beer shortage of Western Quebec a local brewer looks locally to find ingredients and brew with community producers.


Xenia Maltseva, Ekaterina Chaplygina I Do Not Eat Anyone Russian Federation 01:55:00

There have always been those who said "No" to meat due to different reasons. Whether it be ethical choice, health care or responsible consumption. The film will tell who and why has been giving up eating meat in Russia, and how it’s connected to Leo Tolstoy, to Soviet soy developments and to nonviolence.


Justin Snikkar Bacon Fried Rice Canada 4:23

Take a trip to Chinatown and get the tastiest of the tasty dishes ever served, Bacon Fried Rice.


Joseph Rossi, David Magini F**K Canada 5:31

A dinner party goes horribly wrong.


Pablo Banchero Criollo Uruguay 01:18:00

Is there a true uruguayan cuisine identity? Criollo explores the cuisine of a country build by immigrants. Flavors, aromas and legacy are shown also through the life of a renowned chef, who was born in the country side.


Adrian Halter Flat Out Food: PORK Canada 23:30

Hosted by author and journalist Jenn Sharp, Flat Out Food is a gorgeous documentary series that illuminates viewers about unique Saskatchewan ingredients while exploring their journey from the field to the plate.


Iver Bostad Croissant Norway 2:03

Lidia is from Sibir in Russia and moved all the way to a tiny island on the west coast of Norway called Vigra, with roughly 2000 inhabitants.
She started a small bakery here in 2017 and her passion for French pastry has gotten her famous in the local community.


Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso Italian Chefs Italy 26:00

Italian Chefs want to promote Italian cuisine and the territory abroad. Telling the typical features of each region thus offering an overview of the state of the culinary art in Italy. The first series of 5 episodes are set in the Lazio Region.


Amr A El-Bayoumi Our Food Egypt 19:50

A day in the life of Egyptian food. Food as a metaphor for Egyptian identity.


Conor Callahan From the Source United States 31:19

From the seat of one of Italy’s most successful modern exports, David Dellanave explores the customs and flavors at risk of erasure from Italian culture. With access only long-standing relationships and
respect allows, we’re taken deep into David’s Italy, as he sheds light on the passion and commitment required of us all to keep history, taste and tradition alive.


Andrew Bateman Loose Change: A Memoir of Childhood United States 8:11

A man-child sets off to buy a new cage for his beloved hamster, but is enticed into a world of hedonism. He must become resourceful to make ends meet


Andrea Mignolo Pre-British, the wine of Marsala beyond Marsala Italy 53:00

This is the story of a forgotten wine from the past and the four winemakers who have reinterpreted it for the present day.

This film is a voyage to the western part of Sicily, from wooden casks handed down from father to son, grapes harvested a few steps from the sea, and winemakers that reveal: “our real treasure is the wind”.


Fanbo Zheng, Weiyang Chen Chopsticks China 7:06

A man is promised a new world when his friend invites him to an authentic Asian Restaurant, where the various use of Chopsticks plays a culturally shocking role in his mind-blowing dining experience.


Alejandro García Magaña 10 Icons. Michoacan. Mexico 01:15:00

The story of one of the world’s best cheesemaker who makes his cheese in a dairy the size of a living room. Willi Schmid has an extraordinary talent: just by the taste of the milk he knows what the cow ate. He knows every cow by name, every plant in his valley and produces cheese with pure intuition.
Willi Schmid’s approach to cheesemaking embodies how a sustainable product can be crafted through respect for nature, community with those you work with, and perfection of craft.


Eduardo Alfonso Noblecilla Rubio Cooking Isn’t Love Peru 3:56

Guido is a young chef who finally dare to confront his mentor in order to gain confidence in himself and become a better chef. A chef who is not afraid to do his own thing and work in his way.


Scott Paulson Unleashing Shashlik: Chislic Past & Present United States 23:05

Chislic is a particular version of "meat on a stick" in SE South Dakota, USA. But the deep roots of this cherished dish go all the way back to the Caucasus Mountains of Russia, where Shashlik still rules the day.


Subei Kyle Ramini United States 11:42

Water buffalo farm in Tomales Bay, CA. It showcases unique sustainable farming approach — one that demonstrates a mutually beneficial relationship between animal and farmer — as well as her deep bond with the water buffalo in her care.


Ha Won Jang DALGONA Korea, Republic of 11:48

Yeon-ah (10 year-old-girl) wanted to celebrate her mother’s birthday. She tried to call her dead father(Jeong Hoon) ’s soul by mimicking the necromancy video on YouTube. To prepare the food for the necromancy, she tried to make dalgona, which was used to be made with father by herself but she failed and failed.


Alejandro Montero Your Breakfast China 24:43

Fang, an enthusiastic young street-food cook, wakes up early every morning to prepare a special breakfast for a costumer with whom he is secretly in love. While trying to gain her heart with this food, he struggles to get the courage to ask her out.

David Trotter Peeled: Cooking up Compassion United States 27:53

The First 100% Vegan Cooking Competition Show!

With reputable names in vegan culinary arts like Chef Babette and Chef Josie from Season 20 of Hell’s Kitchen, Peeled is bringing serious vegan heat.


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