Travel FilmFest International Film Festival

Only the best travel/lifestyle films from around the world, which were created both by professionals and by enthusiasts. All films will be shown in English or with English subtitles. Внимание: Все фильмы на английском языке или с английскими субтитрами!

Кино 16+

Day 1 – October 20, 2023, 17:00 – 24:00 Moscow time (New York time 10 am – 5 pm)

First block of screenings 17:00 – 19:00 Moscow (NY 10-12 am)

Stephen R Powell, USA – 98 Degrees West -Zamir Discovers Bourdains America, Travel Documentary Feature (59:00)

Feeling lost and abandoned Zamir Gotta, a longtime friend of Anthony Bourdain goes in search of the America Tony knew. Anthony Bourdain knew America as a complex place. He knew there was no single statement that could tell us who we are. Instead, Bourdain preferred to show us tiny parts of this country.

MHBLA, USA – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, Travel Music Video (5:27) 

Official music video for Mike Mentz’s cover of the U2 classic. From Mentz’s upcoming album Into The Dark (late 2023 release). Filmed and recorded independently throughout Central Mexico. 

Nick Mery, USA – In Dreams, Travel Documentary Short (5:00)

Experience a pilgrimage into the sacred mountains of Lebanon, set to a visual poem, as filmmaker / narrator Nick Mery journeys throughout the land of his ancestors. Filmed entirely on a cellphone before the devastating explosion in 2020, In Dreams serves as both a love letter and a time-capsule intended to capture the spirit, beauty, and strength of Lebanon.

Keven Siegert, USA – Sharkey’s Bar, Travel Documentary Short (31:30) 

The Wild Atlantic Way soars along cliff tops, curves and swoops down around beaches, winds through lush hills and around mountains. Eventually, the road squeezes between Northern Ireland and Donegal Bay before passing within a few meandering kilometers of Annagry. A short detour winds around to Sharkey’s Bar, where you will be welcomed in for a Proper Pint. 

Second block of screenings 19:00 – 21:00 Moscow (NY 12 am – 2 pm)

MHBLA, USA – Dancing In The Dark, Travel Music Video (3:51) 

Official music video for Mike Mentz’s cover of the Bruce Springsteen classic. From Mentz’s upcoming album Into The Dark (late 2023 release). Filmed and recorded independently in San Miguel de Allende. 

Derien Stephens, USA – Heart Of Detroit, Travel Music Video (2:33) 

A Michigan-based indie filmmaker with a passion for telling visual stories of all kinds enjoys the challenge of solo filmmaking and as a result, much of my work has been completed without a crew. 


Linda Wingerter, USA – Misophonia, Travel Animated Short (9:00) 

A quiet bus ride home from the city library turns into an aural nightmare for a book-reading commuter. With every stop the bus fills with people and sounds, becoming a chaotic cacophony joyful to everyone but her. Only when the bus finally reaches her seaside stop does she find escape, slipping back into the watery silence of her natural habitat where we discover she is not the average commuter.

Kenneth Hippe, USA – Where Ya Headin’ Next?, Travel Documentary Feature (01:13:08) 

This is the story of 49 states, 45,000 mile road trip, 371 nights, 44 national parks and many amazing campsites along the way – many ups and downs of the trip, the great food, scenery, parks, sunrises, sunsets, wildlife and people. 

Third block of screenings 21:00 – 24:00 Moscow (NY 2 pm – 5 pm)

Alyssa Jeselle Kinahan-Dundas, USA – The Truth of Travel, Travel Documentary Feature, (46:13)

A mini docu series that tackles word travel, mental health, self-reflection, self-discovery and the power that comes with raw human engagement. The beautiful chaos that comes from seeing the world, and questioning what is “home”.  

Adriana Farias and Maxwell Polimanti, Brazil – Mato Grosso do Sul: A Leading Advocate for Ecotourism Worldwide, Travel Documentary Feature (01:20:00) 

This four-episode documentary series showcases how Mato Grosso do Sul stands as an ecotourism pioneer in the world by combining culture, sustainability, and preservation while fostering environmental awareness among the population. From the crystal-clear rivers and ancient caves of Bonito to the scenic waterfalls of Serra da Bodoquena. From the traditions of Pantanal inhabitants and the “viola de cocho” music in the Pantanal’s biodiversity sanctuary to Serra do Amolar, which opens up tourism with the strength of Pantanal’s remote riverside women. 

Tom Woodward, New Zealand – Lure of adventure in the South Island, Travel Documentary Short (40:46) 

On an isolated island at the far end of the world, jagged snow-capped mountains rise up from the sea and pierce dense uninhabited rainforests. Rivers rage through deep glacier carved valleys and waterfalls plunge over cliffs out into the remote South Pacific Ocean. The South Island is a primeval wilderness, amongst the last vestiges of an age long vanished.

Day 2 – October 21, 2023, 14:00 – 23:00 Moscow time (New York time 7 am – 4 pm)

First block of screenings 14:00 – 16:00 Moscow (NY 7-9 am)

Dalmira Joy Tilepbergen, Kyrgyzstan – The Gift, Travel Feature Film (01:28:00) 

A seven-year-old girl believes that a mole on her lip is a gift from God and will make all her wishes come true, even her dream to become the son her father has never had.

Alen Tkalčec, Croatia –  My Year 2021, Travel Documentary Short (4:01) 

Getting lost in the depths of amazing nature and landscapes. Exploring places with rich history and cultures that are different from my own. Getting the chance to meet people all over the world and visit places that they call their home. 

Timm Völkner, Germany – Sugoi Nihon, Travel Music Video (1:35) 

Sugoi Nihon (Amazing Japan) is a wild blend of countless experiences. Four weeks turned out to be nothing but a start to grasp Japan’s multilayered beauty entirely.

Christian Ghammachi, France – Adventures of Aya – Dubai, Travel Commercials (4:10) 

The Adventures of Aya in DUBAI tells the story of 10 year old Aya as she ventures across the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. From hot air balloon rides, to desert experiences, glamping by the water and kayaking, spending time with a friend on the beach and then with animals up-close and personal.

Pavi Lustig, Austria – Enfield Is Prayer – Mystery of the Palm Leaf Library, Travel Narrative Short (9:00)
A motorcycle touring outfit based in India, Germany, Greece and Mexico.  

Second block of screenings 16:00 – 18:00 Moscow (NY 9-11 am)

Kristina Kretova and Anna Kameneva, Russia – Women and roads. The way to yourself. Ladoga. Travel Documentary Feature (56:20) 

This is a movie about meanings. Or rather, this is a film about women in search of meanings. It is also a film about the largest lake in Europe, about Ladoga, with its natural beauty and its difficult and significant history. And about how it lives today. 

Juan Kaoszu, Taiwan – The mountains in Taiwan, Travel Documentary Feature  (49:19) 

In recent years, the conquest of steep mountains has become a promise for many people to challenge themselves and even enhance spirituality. The Bunun people, scattered on both sides of the Central Mountain Range, Taiwan. Early domestic and foreign explorers and climbers, from Torii Ryūzo, Inoka to Shikino Tadao, had to rely on their leadership to glimpse the mysterious face of Taiwan’s mountains. To this day, I want to enter the mountains of Taiwan and hire them as guides, which is still the most reassuring choice.

Third block of screenings 18:00 – 21:00 Moscow (NY 11 am – 2 pm)

Alessandro Trapani, Italy – Orinoco: A journey between the Orinoco and the Rio Negro, Travel Documentary Feature (01:14:42) 

In 2001, two friends embarked on a self-organized adventure in Venezuela, sailing up the Orinoco River with a local family to reach San Carlos de Rio Negro via the unique natural wonder of the Casiquiare channel. 

Stepan Sokolov, Russia – Road Home, Travel Narrative Short (20:51) 

Anna needs to get home urgently. A disturbing call from her grandmother and she is on her way to the forgotten town of her childhood located in the middle of nowhere.  

Anna Baranowski and Michael Moritz, Germany – Namaste Himalaya – How a village in Nepal opened the world to us, Travel Documentary Feature (01:30:00) 

At the outbreak of the pandemic, the two world travelers Anna and Michael are stranded in one of the poorest countries in the world. When Nepal suddenly announces a lockdown and seals off its cities, they flee into the mountains. 

Fourth block of screenings 21:00 – 23:00 Moscow (NY 2 pm – 4 pm)

Sergi Ricart, Spain – The River Of Seven Names, Travel Documentary Feature (01:11:00) 

Traveling with a river is like traveling with life. For nine months, photographer and mountain guide Sergi Ricart followed along the Mekong river from the Tibetan plateaus, where he explored and climbed several virgin mountains, to the Delta in Vietnam, after cycling about 3000 km, living along the way the awesome metamorphosis of its nature and humanity. But he missed one chapter in that journey: reaching the sources. So, one year later, and this time with some friends, he went back to Tibet to try to close the circle. 

Fabien Bastide and Coralie Vongsouthi, France – Noria, 35 000 km from France to Laos in a Citroen 2CV, Travel Documentary Feature (54:00) 

Noria is the story of a daring adventure carried-out by Coralie and Fabien who had the weird idea to drive “Rustine”, their loyal vintage Citroen 2CV, all around the globe. Get on board and let yourself be carried along the 18 countries they crossed to join Laos from France, with minimalist equipment for fully enjoying the adventure!

Day 3 – October 21, 2023, 15:00 – 21:00 Moscow time (New York time 8 am – 2 pm)

First block of screenings 15:00 – 17:00 Moscow (NY 8-10 am)

Peter Furst and Garnet Mae, Australia – Dance of Death, Travel Documentary Feature  (01:14:28) 

Two guerrilla filmmakers retrace Henry Morton Stanley’s journey across central Africa, discovering its people and places, and delving into its politics and past. 

Mikael Kyster and Mia Kyster, Denmark – The Kyster Family In Albania, Travel Web Series  (5:04) 

The Kyster Family explores Albania and find out if their travel Documentary. 

Miriam Joanna, Austria – The Art of Adapting, Travel Narrative Short (11:11)  

“The Art of Adapting” serves as a beautiful reminder that in life, just like in the surf, it’s all about.

Alexander Draheim, Germany – Lechtal Tourismus – Winter, Travel Commercials (2:35) 

A slow and quiet piece about the remote Region of “Lechtal” (Lech Valley) in Austria where the small things in life and nature are appreciated. 

Silke de Vos Palau, Germany – World Heritage, Travel Documentary Short  (6:00) 

All around the world nature is threatened by the onslaught of mankind. It is commendable that the state of Palau tries to stem the tide in its territory by far-reaching conservation measures. The film team follows a small group of experienced divers who explore the beauty of this naturalist’s haven.

Second block of screenings 17:00 – 19:00 Moscow (NY 10-12 am)

Domenico Rodolfo Grillone, Italy – Axé, Salvador!, Travel Narrative Short  (53:58) 

“Axè, Salvador!” was born out of the author’s passion for Brazil and in particular the city of Salvador De Bahia. 

Santoshee Gulabkali Mishra, India – Laal Pari – A Road Fairy, Travel Documentary Short  (23:28) 

The documentary film covers the pan -Maharashtra travel of the bus. It actually depicts the crucial role of public transport in the common man/ woman’s life. Maharashtra is the second most populous state in India. The documentary film depicts how the bus has become a boon for the people living in the diversified mountain ranges, hills and plateaus and the longest coastal stretch of 750 kms.

Matthew Williams-Ellis, United Kingdom – Karibu Nyumbani, Travel Documentary Short (11:37)
“Karibu Nyumbani” translates as “Welcome to my Home” in Swahili. Guides in the Maasai Mara have a deep-rooted pride, knowledge, and love for wildlife. This film encapsulates that passion from the perspective of George Osono, a guide in Mara North Conservancy, who completely embodies this spirit of caring for nature.

Timothy Dhalleine, Chile – The Present, Travel Documentary Short  (17:55) 
“The Present” is a 2023 adventure short documentary featuring the story of Dimitri Poffé, a 34-year-old French traveler who left his native France to undertake a cycling trip from Mexico City to Ushuaia after he tested positive for Huntington’s disease. Huntington’s disease is a rare neurodegenerative, hereditary and incurable disease. 

Third block of screenings and announce the winners 19:00 – 21:00 Moscow (NY 12 am – 2 pm)

Leopoldo Bonessio, Italy – Turkmenler, Travel Documentary Feature  (47:00)  

Leopoldo, the director, finds himself hitchiking with little more than a tent and a GoPro in the most isolated, mysterious and authoritarian of the ex soviet countries, Turkmenistan. He has 5 days to learn what kind of strange people live in this desert country, and maybe something about the politics of this place before the visa expires. 

Patrick Hasso Kohl, Germany – Winterberg – Create Memories, Travel Commercials (1:50) 

In this multi-layered family Christmas story a young woman goes on a diverse and adventure loaded holiday with her family in Winterberg, a cozy snow and fun paradise in the German mountains.  

Lachlan Pfitzner, Australia – Dots on the map, Travel Documentary Short (5:00) 

A Mountain culture short movie with the focus on our connection to products, people and the places we love. Dots on the map highlight our relationship to precious places and precious things which we protect. 

Paulo Farias, Canada – Maui, Travel Narrative Short (3:01) 

Exploring the enchanting beauty of Hawaii. A journey into the culture, people and landscapes of Maui. 

Dennis Schmelz, Germany – Galungan – Victory of Dharma | The Culture of Bali, Indonesia, Travel Narrative Short (3:19) 

It is an important part of the magic of Bali to understand that everything flows as one here – the divine, humankind and nature – every individual is in one way or another contributing to the overall energy that transmits throughout the island. Every household offers their reverence and hospitality through offerings and prayer. A so-called ‘penjor’ – a curved bamboo pole decorated with offerings made from coconut and palm leaves and flowers – arch the roads serving as enchanting reminders of its ancient past.

Alexey Dunaev, Russia – Italy. Cities, Squares, Cathedrals | Lazio. Rome, Travel Video Guide (24:00) 

Italy encompasses a layering of names, details, materials from many centuries that still coexist harmoniously today within the historic city, square and cathedral 

Daniel Kraft, Germany – The Magic Of Kenya, Travel Narrative Short (02:00)

A young Kenyan girl longs to grow up quickly so she can explore the beauty of her country. She dreams of traveling through the vast landscapes and experiencing the rich cultural diversity of her homeland. Despite her young age, her passion and curiosity for adventure know no bounds. 

Daniel Kraft, Germany – Explore Your Country, Travel Narrative Short (01:00)

Your ideal place is closer than you think. You just need to take the time to find it. Ronan is in search of a pristine, deserted wave. In the hilly north of Ireland, that’s not so easy to do. With his jeep and his surfboard he overcomes every obstacle. Which can be pretty nasty in late autumn in Ireland. 



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